Our Journal features the latest stories from our Niihau and Napali Coast Kauai excursions, giving you an inside look into these adventures of a lifetime.


If I were to use the standard “5 star rating system” for Matt’s performance he would get a 10 out of 5 stars. GIVE THAT MAN A RAISE! is published on 2018-09-28T18:56:58-10:00 and last modified: 2019-04-20T19:22:09-10:00 by Blue Dolphin

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Na Pali Sunset Cruise – Truly Fantastic

To Blue Dolphin Charters: My wife and I were passengers on the April 27 Na Pali Sunset Cruise with Joe as Captain and a great crew. We treasure this experience – the sightseeing experience was superb. The crew was active in helping and providing services, and Captain Joe was wonderful with stories and discussing the […]

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Aloha from the Souza family!

Aloha! Thanks for following up on our tour on April 4th. My family and I had a wonderful time (again) and we certainly picked the best day of the week to go as the waters were calm as could be. Special thanks to the awesome crew – Captain Chris, Ryan and Quinn. They were magnificent […]

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Great Raft

Adventure- Thanks the captain and crew Joe and Cole! The best choice of all companies! Lucie, Renata, Pavel,Rosta – Czech Republic Great Raft is published on 2016-02-21T08:51:05-10:00 and last modified: 2016-07-08T10:39:30-10:00 by Blue Dolphin

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Smooth sailing!

Our great experience with Blue Dolphin began before we even set foot on the boat. We called on our first day on Kauai and asked the young lady on the phone for her recommendation for the smoothest day to do a sunset dinner trip up the Na Pali coast. She was super friendly and helpful […]

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Best Catamaran cruise ever!

This was the best sunset dinner cruise we have ever done! We. saw whales, spinner dolphins, monk seal, and sea turtles, got wet from the spray of waterfalls coming off the Napali sea cliffs, saw sea caves, and saw a beautiful sunset coming back to port. Oh, and the food was good and the drinks […]

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Cruise on Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014

My daughter, Jan, and myself took your Na Pali Coast dinner cruise this past Tuesday with the crew of Joe, Ben and Matt. It was a wonderful trip with awesome views and a good meal and want you to know how great the crew was.  They were super nice and attentive always to everyone on […]

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Amazing Adventure

Danny, James and Johnny were very welcoming and knowledgeable and made the whole trip more than worthwhile. Beautiful views and great snorkeling didn’t hurt either. The Fishers Amazing Adventure is published on 2014-11-20T08:13:24-10:00 and last modified: 2016-07-08T10:57:50-10:00 by Blue Dolphin

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We enjoyed our boat trip and thanks to captain chad, john and ben. They’re awesome guys! Mahalo! Carleta, Smithy, Maria, and David Arizona Mahalo! is published on 2014-11-13T08:45:21-10:00 and last modified: 2016-07-08T10:59:39-10:00 by Blue Dolphin

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Fantastic Ride

Fantastic crew Chad, Ben, John! Gods of Kauai have blessed us. Mahalo. Snigdha + Pavarr Chicago Fantastic Ride is published on 2014-11-13T08:44:14-10:00 and last modified: 2016-07-08T11:02:21-10:00 by Blue Dolphin

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Thank you so much for an amazing trip- definitely one of the highlights of our honeymoon! Captain Chad, Joe and Danny were THE BEST! We even got to go under a waterfall! hope to be back some day 🙂 With Love, The Skis THE BEST! is published on 2014-11-10T08:47:13-10:00 and last modified: 2016-07-08T11:24:39-10:00 by Blue […]

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Great Cruise!

My daughter Jan, and myself took your Na Pali Coast cruise this past Tuesday with the crew of Joe, Ben, and Matt. It was a wonderful trip with awesome views and good meal and want you to know how great the crew was. They were super nice and attentive always to everyone on board. Thank […]

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Just incredible, a must do.

We did the Na Pali Sunset & Dinner Coastal Cruise. This was one of the biggest highlights of our island hopping holiday, truly breath-taking. The wife & I consider that a holiday is never complete without a nautical adventure & this was definitely in that category. We can see why the Na Pali coast is […]

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The best boat tour I’ve ever taken

I’ve done this particular trip a few times and have always enjoyed it no matter which company, but this was perfect. The boat was great (not overcrowded at all), the crew were adults (as in, not college kids) who were really nice but also very professional, the dinner was delicious, and the whole vibe was […]

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The Highlight of our 2 Week Trip

“We took the sunset cruise with Capt. Chad and his two crew mates. They went out of their way to make sure all the passengers were having a great time. Many years ago my wife and I hiked the Kalalau trail which winds it’s way through some of the same Napali coast terrain that is […]

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Great Trip with Family

“Great experience – we had our kids and our grandchildren and thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The crew put safety at the top of the list. Very smooth waters going out and they stopped every time the captain spotted a pod of dolphins which we happened to see lots of and we were all enthralled with the […]

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Want to go on a Dinner/Sightseeing Cruise?

“Capt. Chad told the group that we would experience some things with him that captains from other companies just don’t do. We had a chance to see the rugged Na Pali coast line. Chad was extremely knowledgeable regarding the history of the area, and presented everything in a very entertaining way. He steered the bow […]

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